Friday, March 29, 2013

From Brother Ian

March 21st 2013:I wanted to share a message from Kaitlyn's brother Ian. It is very moving and I thought everyone would want to hear what this experience has been like for him:
To everyone who has already donated, I want to say thank you. These two simple words are woefully inadequate in expressing how grateful my family and I truly are, but there are no sentiments that can be expressed through simple words to show the depths of our love for each and every one of you. This ordeal has been incredibly hard on all of us, and yet Katie seems to be the strongest of us all. That's probably for the best, considering what she's going through.

My parents tell me that I was the sweetest boy they had ever known when I was younger. As the years went on and I started to see the rot that infects this world, I grew more cynical and cold toward everything and everyone. People were simplistic creatures following their base instincts rather than rising to the level of intelligence they truly possess.

When I heard about good deeds, it was always an isolated case in my mind. The few people that humanity could still be proud of were receiving recognition for their actions. However, this tragedy that has happened has opened my eyes.

The torrent of love my family is receiving from all sides has shattered my misconceptions regarding humanity's fundamental state of being. So many people have donated staggering amounts of money to aid my family in its time of need. There are many people that have never even met Katie or our family at all, and yet they freely give away their hard earned money that could make their lives a little better.

So to reiterate former sentiments--THANK YOU. All of you have restored my faith in humanity. My family and I love you all.

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